Training - Piracy – Best Management Practices Version 4 (BMP4)

Training - Piracy – Best Management Practices Version 4 (BMP4)

By admin | July 12, 2018

The 4th version of the shipping industry's Best Management Practices for Protection against Somali

Based Piracy (BMP4) has now been released. As with previous versions, version 4 is endorsed by

virtually all industry organizations and by the UKMTO and EU NAVFOR.


Click here for a PDF version of BMP4.


BMP4 uses hard-won experience and knowledge gained since version 3 to update the practical

Knowledge and guidance it gives to owners and operators. Improvements to the BMP include:


• A new Executive Summary at the beginning detailing the Three Fundamental Requirements of

BMP to:

  1. Register with the MSCHOA.
  2. Report to UKMTO.
  3. Implement the Ship Protection Measures contained in the BMP.


•An Aide Memoire in diagrammatic format which illustrates how to “Avoid Being a Victim of

Piracy”, also included in the new Executive Summary.


• A copy of the MSCHOA Vessel Movement Registration Form.


•A new subsection on “Prosecution of Pirates – Assisting Law Enforcement Authorities”, which

was produced in conjunction with INTERPOL, is now included. This new section includes

reference to a 24-hr helpline and to INTERPOL’s new Maritime Task Force website



•New advice on the use of ship protection measures, examples include: additional guidance on

the use of citadels, considerations for ballistic protection afforded to the crew who may be

required to remain on the bridge during a pirate attack and testing of ship protection measures,

including the security of access points and review, during drills and crew briefings is also



• Additional advice for leisure craft including yachts.


It is important to note that the new BMP frequently refers users to the websites of the Maritime Security

Centre – Horn of Africa ( and NATO Shipping Centre ( for

additional regularly updated advice. A new section in BMP4 on “Armed Private Maritime Security

Contractors” includes a reference to IMO guidance reproduced on the MSCHOA and NATO Shipping

Centre websites.


The potential consequences of not following BMP are considered to be severe and A&A strongly

recommends members and clients to familiarize themselves with and adhere to the guidance and

recommendations contained within BMP.