Technical Services - Nepal

Technical Services - Nepal

By admin | July 11, 2018

Trikon Management Service Plc. License No. 503/061/062, provides planning, study, research, training, implementation support and technical consulting services on infrastructure development, natural resource management, information technology and other engineering fields. While providing its services, the focus is on sustainability, environment friendly, climate resilience and user’s friendly development. A&A always encourages creativity and the use of recent and state of the art scientific and technological tools, knowledge in the solution of development challenges.


Infrastructure Development and Management

– Irrigation and Drainage

– Water Supply and Sanitation

– Hydropower

– Road and Transport Network (urban/rural)

– Flood Management


Natural Resource Management

– Land and water resources

– Forestry and watershed

– Environment and Climate Change

– Alternate Energy (Bio, Wind, Solar)


Agriculture and Socio-Economic Development

– Agriculture extension and marketing

– Enterprise, income generation and livelihood

– Gender and social development

– Local government, non-government Institutions and communities


Scope of Services

– Applied research and development

– Sectorial Policy and Planning

– Legal and Regularity Framework

– Institutional improvement and restructuring

– Environment assessment

– Project identification, planning and design

– Project feasibility studies

– Project preparation

– Project management/ construction supervision

– Project implementation support


Besides this, operating as Peace Prabhidhik Talim Kendra Pvt. Ltd Peace Technical Training Center Pvt. Ltd (PTTC) is an institution which is affiliated to CTEVT to provide short term vocational training. PTTC is an initiation for those who have exposures and field experiences in international labor market. It is a prior concept of individuals involved in human resources development. It believes that training without a job in mind is like as training without purpose. PTTC is committed towards the Nepalese youths who was being unemployment due to lack of proper technical and vocational training. Regarding the issue, PTTC is devoted to provide quality vocational and technical education by empowering the Nepalese youths of different regions of Nepal. After the completion of training, PTTC will support the trained participants to link with potential job providers giving range of information about labor market situations and labor laws in Nepal. PTTC will also link them with foreign employment agencies providing precautionary steps while going for overseas job. Through our Job Placement and Counseling Desk is under Monitoring and Evaluation Unit, all participants will be supported to observe vacancy announcement published by the potential job provider in Nepal. We also advice the participants to look human resource advertisement normally published in national daily newspaper. After the completion of training, who are interested to start their own small scale industries, we also provide them entrepreneurship training. Likewise, we further support the participants providing tools and techniques in order to begin small scale industries. They are also advised to keep good relationship with potential customers maintaining quality and job costing etc. Furthermore, we also provide three-day refreshment training to the persons who want to go for overseas employment.  


PTTC had registered as Small & Cottage Industry in 2064 B.S. later on, in 2067 B.S it is  registered as Private Limited pursuant to sub-section (1) of section 5 of companies Act 2006.


In 2071 B.S Peace Technical Training Center is officially affiliated with Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT). Meanwhile PTTC had already started conducting Skill test complying CTEVT Standards in various trade.


PTTC has been working closely with national and international employer and employment agencies in Nepal. PTTC has been conducting different kinds of free training in association with EVENT, Helvetas, Employment fund, GIZ, SAMI, Om Nepal, F-Skill, etc. to till today’s date. Recently PTTC had conducted three month training on industrial electrician, welding, aluminum fabrication, and dress maker at Gwarko, lalitpur in association EVENT. Another program which was conducted at Sikre, Nuwakot District on Building Electrician and Finishing Carpentry was supported by GIZ. Similarly, in Gorkha PTTC conducted training on Stone Layer Mason, Building Electrician and Construction Carpenter in association with Employment Fund. These are some of programs which were conducted by PTTC in-cooperate with different kinds of INGOs & NGOs. So that it can achieve the targeted goal to increase the number of skilled youth.