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By admin | July 19, 2018


  1. The above statement requires no further explanation!!! We at the  Adept & Agile Consultancy Plc. (dba) Oskar Overseas Plc., are honored to bring to your notice that the Gurkhas are from Nepal and are renowned for their discipline, loyalty, honesty, robustness, and courage. They are recruited by the British Army, Singapore Police, Indian Army and the Nepalese Army.

  2. These Gurkhas are considered to be lucrative assets and are in high demand for security jobs even after retirement. Presently they are employed as Gurkha Security Forces by various companies in Iraq, Afghanistan and wider security market. The Government of Nepal (GON) does not permit employment in Iraq of any kind.

  3. DH International offers handpicked Gurkhas from the Indian and Nepalese Army to the broader security market. We ensure that the selected Gurkhas provides our clients with the highest level of quality assurance and confidence.


  1. To apprise on Gurkhas, their employment potentialities and the recruitment procedure of Adept & Agile Consultancy Plc. (dba) Oskar Overseas Plc.  Prospect of Gurkhas in Security Market.

  2. As mentioned earlier Gurkhas are in high demand in the global security market. They are harnessed by various security agencies during their employment in the respective armed forces and are recruited immediately upon their retirement. However some of the Gurkhas return back to Nepal on retirement and are available for security purposes. The Gurkhas can broadly be classified in to the following categories and their availability statuses are mentioned below:

    • Gurkhas – British Army :

      British Army has a long tradition of recruiting Gurkhas from Nepal. These Gurkhas avail an opportunity of migrating to the United Kingdom (UK) on retirement from the British Army, as a result majority of them do migrate to the UK. They are even approached by various security agencies in the UK itself; hence these Gurkhas are quite scarce in Nepal. Very few do return back to Nepal but they do not wish to serve after retirement.

    • Gurkhas - Singapore Police :

      They are also identified by various agencies while in service and recruited immediately upon their retirement. They are not easily available for security purposes in Nepal; very few who return to Nepal does not express desire to serve further.

    • Gurkhas - Indian Army :

      These Gurkhas are recruited from Nepal by the Indian Army, who then returns back to Nepal upon their retirement. They are readily available for security market; however some are being lured by various recruiting agencies and employed in restricted areas such as Iraq. We have established reliable contacts with the sources and are confident in recruiting them as per the Foreign Employment Act of GON. Gurkhas from the Indian army have tremendous combat and counter-insurgency experience and some have even served in various UN missions.

    • Gurkhas - Nepalese Army :

      Nepal Army (NA) is organized in tune of 100,000 personnel and has a very good organizational set up. NA today is considered to be a reliable troop contributor in United Nation Peace Keeping Operations (UNPKO).

  3. We pick Gurkhas from crack NA units. These personnel are trained and groomed by the best armies of the world and have extensive national and international security experiences. Majority of these personnel have deployment experiences with the UN peacekeeping operations in different parts of the globe. The Gurkhas selected by Adept & Agile Consultancy Plc. (dba) Oskar Overseas Plc. are drawn from the following NA Units:

    • Special Forces (Counter Terrorist Unit): The unit is organized, developed and trained by the Israeli Army. The unit still maintains the standard and all its personnel are very reliable and confident Gurkhas.

    • Special Forces (Special Air Service): The unit is organized; developed and trained initially by the British Army SAS. All its personnel are very reliable and confident. These Gurkhas have a thorough professional knowledge and have proven operations experiences. They have served as Quick Reaction Forces in UN PKO.

    • Ranger Battalion: The unit is organized, developed and trained as per the US Army Rangers standard. The unit conducts joint exercises with US Army Rangers and has extensive operations experience.

    • Para Battalion: It is the only airborne battalion in the NA. It was initially established with the help of Israeli Army. All its personnel are Para Commando and highly experienced. The unit also has participated in UN PKO.

    • Commando Battalion: The only commando battalion in NA and its Gurkhas are highly trained and disciplined. This is an old traditional unit of NA.

    • Other Gurkha Units: Some personnel are drawn from other Gurkha units. These are basically infantry battalion and some belong to supporting units as well. All these units have gone through rigorous training and have a very well developed organization, rich military culture and tradition. Retirement Age Policy for Gurkhas in the NA and Indian Army

Some Other Facts :

  1. The Gurkhas become eligible to join the NA at the age of 18 and requires serving 16 years in order to be eligible for pension entitlement. As a result majority of the Gurkhas are in the bracket 34 to 40 when they are picked by us.

  2. The other scheme commonly known as the Gratuity Scheme allows person to resign on completion of 6 years of service. Some Gurkhas do adopt the scheme and try to place themselves in security market.

  3. Indian Army requires 17 years of service to be eligible for pension and by the time the Gurkhas are available in the market they do also fall in the bracket of 34 to 40 years. However some resign early and are available in the security market.

Selection Procedure:

Our mechanism incorporates comprehensive checks and balances throughout the recruiting process. We conduct reference check for each individual Gurkhas and ensure they have the right attitude and bear the moral character to be employed as a Gurkha Security. We adopt the following procedures:

  • VA (Advertisement/ Announcement through various Liaison Offices)
  • Documentation and Screening is conducted simultaneously. The candidates are categorized on the spot and short listed.
  • Screening of Short Listed candidates is conducted and the candidates are further scrutinized, by a panel of experts.
  • Reference Check on employment is conducted with the concerned unit on request with the NA units.
  • Final list is prepared for the selection by the recruiting agencies.


  1. Gurkhas remain to be highly lucrative security personnel in the global security market and are in high demand. With the developing interest for Gurkhas by various security agencies; it is essential that, we identify and accrue them as early as possible for possible employment in security market; on completion of their tenure with the respective armed forces.

  2. We here at the Adept & Agile Consultancy Plc. (dba) Oskar Overseas Plc., remain committed on providing the best available resources to the wider security market. We take pride on a no-nonsense quality management system conducted by our competent Security Advisors and Experts. We ensure you have the best individuals available and a single point of contact accountable for the quality of the personnel placed in your organization.​ ​ ​

We take opportunity to inform you that we are honored to now be a signatory company of the ICoC and on the way to being appointed member of SAMI. Over the beginning half of 2013, we have successfully deployed over 300+ Gurkhas as maritime marshals. They are currently serving with various security companies around the GOA and Indian Ocean. The modality used has been TL from experienced nationalities and 3 MM from Nepal.

We still have an active roster of over 85 Gurkhas holding all required documents for maritime deployment. Specifics –

Served over 10 years in the Nepal or Indian Army Gurkha regiments and with valid pension books 

·         All required STCW95 certificates and Seaman Book

·         All required vaccinations including yellow fever

·         Psychological and lab tests – alcohol/drug free reports – criminal records

In the event that this would be of interest to you, do let us know so that we can propose financial package. 

We look forward to your kind response.